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Sukanya Production Development

Taken from the legendary Sanskrit texts of the Mahābhārata, the story of Sukanya has been brought to life in this innovative production with music by Indian music legend Ravi Shankar and combines traditional Indian instruments with Western orchestra and singers.
This performance is directed by Curve Associate Director Suba Das and unites dance choreographed by the Aakash Odedra Company, production by The Royal Opera and the musicians of the London Philharmonic Orchestra.

Roots of Fire! East Meet West – Fusion or Confusion?

Roots of Fire is a ground breaking project produced by the chamber orchestra Sinfonia Verdi and supported by the Bagri Foundation and Deccan Heritage Foundation which aims to celebrate the musical dialogue between East and West. Roots of Fire offers a unique opportunity to create music works and education resources that offer new audiences in the UK and India, the opportunity to engage with both Indian and Western music. In this video, the music director of Sinfonia Verdi David Murphy, gives a presentation launching the project at the Association of British Orchestras Conference in Birmingham, January 2016.


The Music Room: When East Meets West

In the lead up to the World Premiere of Ravi Shankar’s only opera ‘Sukanya’ in May 2017, we’re thrilled to present an online ten-part mini-series, exploring the dialogue between Classical Indian and Western music! ‘The Music Room’ will take the viewer on a journey through these traditions, examining how they connect on a deep level. David Murphy, the opera’s conductor and long-time collaborator with Ravi Shankar will present the series. Please enjoy the first several installments.






Film Trailer

Trailer for forthcoming Documentary exploring the crossing of cultural boundaries in music and focussing on the development of the Ravi Shankar Opera.

July 2014, Royal Opera House, London

A flavour of our first Work in Progress Performance:

Sukanya Featured on ITV News at 10

Press Launch Covered on ITV News at 10: