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A Great Start…

The Ravi Shankar Opera Project has had a fantastic week artistically, and this has been combined with a great start to our Kickstarter campaign. Thank you all so much for your support in helping Ravi Shankar’s dream become a reality. On Saturday 21st June we had our first rehearsal with voices and Western Ensemble, and it was spine tingling to hear the music coming to life with the ensemble! On Sunday 22nd I worked with the Indian musicians in preparation for our first combined Indian-Western ensemble rehearsal later this week. This will be the moment when all of the musical ingredients come together. Meanwhile the dancers are working on their choreography and the crucial ingredient of Indian dance will be added to our rehearsals in July. Later this morning we have a Production meeting at the Royal Opera with 59 Productions and the ROH technical team so that we can bring to life Ravi Shankar’s visual concept for the work as closely as possible at our showing of Highlights from Act 1 on July 14th. Ravi Shankar was fascinated by visual art and film (he said that if had not become a musician he would have been a film director) and therefore we are aiming to get as close as possible to his unique vision. We are so grateful to all of our Kickstarter supporters, every pledge takes us a step closer. Thank you! If you haven’t seen the Kickstarter campaign yet it is here:


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