Update: 29th June

These are very exciting times for the Ravi Shankar Opera Project – we have our showing of Highlights from Act 1 at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, two weeks from tomorrow. This stage has been reached gradually, building from initial piano rehearsals with the singers and I beginning in April. These were followed by indivdual and combined sessions with the Indian musicians, followed by the Western Ensemble rehearsing for the first time with the singers. At our rehearsals last week in London we reached the next stage of the process of bringing to life Ravi Shankar’s vision: combining both the Western and Indian instruments with voices. 


During the next couple of weeks we are adding the final layers to this groundbreaking combination: Indian dance (both Kathak and Bharatanatyam) and projection from 59 Productions.

We are currently in the middle phase of our Kickstarter campaign, where we need to keep the momentum and energy up in order to guarantee that we will reach our goal. If you can all continue to spread the word far and wide that will be such a tremendous help. Thank you all so much!